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Our Services

  • Annual Eye Wellness / Ocular physical Check up

  • Make sure you are always seeing your best

  • Check for eye diseases early and preserving your vision.

  • Treatment and prevention of amblyopia in children

  • Diabetic Eye Exam

  • Hypertensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam

  • Lifestyle evaluation for spectacle usage

  • Face shape and style evaluation/consultation

  • Try-ons, before/after photoshoot

Optical Style Consultation

  • Redness, itching, infection, or irritation

  • Chronic dry eyes

  • Foreign body removal

  • Ingrown eye lashes

  • Stye or swelling

  • flashes or floaters

Medical and Emergency Eye Care

  • Comprehensive contact lenses fitting and evaluation

  • Astigmatism Contact lens fitting

  • Multifocal Contact lens fitting

  • Color Contact lens fitting

Contact Lenses Evaluation

  • Short eye lashes

  • Droopy eye Lids

  • Eye treatment consultation

Ocular Beauty Consultation

  • uncontrollable increase in childhood nearsightedness

  • Soft contact lenses for myopia control

  • Orthokeratology/ Hard Contact lens for myopia control

  • Pharmacological therapy for myopia control

Myopia Control 

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